Khurvaleti borderization South Ossetia(photo: Jelger Groeneveld)

[2017 archive] Borderization South Ossetia

Borderization refers to the construction of physical barriers to transform a territorial ceasefire line into an international border.”

While there are various ways to implement so called borderization, this page focuses on the construction by South Ossetian and Russian forces of physical barriers along the ABL of South Ossetia. Such as fences, barbed wire, border signs and other markings in the landscape outside of the crossing points. 

This is the archived 2017 page, click here for the current running year, or jump to 2020, 2019 or 2018. Note: the Chorchana – Tsnelisi territorial conflict and borderization at that location can be found in its own page.

Borderization also means upholding a border regime (and arrest and detention of so called “tresspassers”) and formalizing and limiting the passage through the “border checkpoints”. All these measures have an impact on human rights such as freedom of movement. An introduction in borderization of South Ossetia can be found by opening the green bar below.

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Below in descending chronological order developments of the borderization of the Administrative Boundary Line of South Ossetia in 2017.


19 December 2017

The South Ossetian side complained at the Ergneti IPRM meeting on 19 December 2017 about shooting on border signs from the Georgian side in the area between the villages Nikozi and Khetagurovo, without specyfying when. 

17 November 2017

“The state border of South Ossetia with Georgia must be fully equipped, including in engineering terms, to ensure the safety of the population of the Republic”. The leader of South Ossetia,  Anatoly Bibilov, said that  at a press conference after talks in Moscow. “We will strengthen our borders in full compliance with the norms of international law”, he added. This means, borderization will continue, hampering the life on both sides of the ABL. 

16 November 2017

The South Ossetian side complained at the Ergneti IPRM meeting on 16 November 2017 about shooting on border signs from Georgian side in the area of Tsitelubani village that took place in October. The EUMM was accused of negligence of such facts by Murat Dzhioev, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of South Ossetia.

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