Territorial dispute Chorchana-Tsnelisi over old and “fake” maps

In August 2019 a simmering territorial dispute driven by South Ossetia revived when Georgian authorities constructed a new police post on Tbilisi administered territory near the South Ossetian controlled Tsnelisi village (referred to as Uista by South Ossetian side) . The course of the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) between Tsnelisi and Georgian controlled Chorchana is disputed by South Ossetia. Only a few days earlier borderization at Gugutiantkari stirred the emotions on the Georgian side.

In the past, Tskhinvali laid a (historic) claim on the area between Tsnelisi and Chorchana, at the southwestern corner of South Ossetia. Since 2019 it has come to an explicit non-physical confrontation, with Georgia de facto losing control of territory, for the moment, rooted in a tactical blunder by the Georgian side. A series of incidents, heated rhetoric and Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meetings were some of the direct and visible elements of the dispute which is still ongoing unresolved into 2022. This page is a chronological overview of developments since August 2019 (last updates at bottom of the page).

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